VVTetraVST is a VST plugin that converts the raw signals from a TetraMic, known as A-Format, and converts them to B-Format. This processing is performed using the individual calibration files for each TetraMic. The resulting signal can be processed in various ways, like rotation or zooming, and then converted the stereo, 5.1 or other formats with a decoder like VVMicVST

VVTetraVST is provided free to TetraMic owners.


A-Format is a recording where each channel corresponds directly to one capsule in the microphone array. For TetraMic these signals are Left Front Up, Right Front Down, Left Back Down and Right Back Up.

B-Format is a general purpose representation of the soundfield based on spherical harmonics. For 1st order, as used here, this consists of one omni and three figure eight pattern signals called W, X, Y and Z.

Ambisonics is a method of recording and reproducing surround sound that was originally developed in the 1970s, mostly by Michael Gerzon. For more information about ambisonics see ambisonia.com.