VVCLIH is a cross-platform, command line tool with modules for encode, rotate and decode. VVCLIH uses the same algorithms as VVOctoEncode and VVDecodeH so you can script your ambisonic processing and be assured of getting the same results you heard in real time. All modules support first to third order. For first order only command line processing, see vvclih.


Note: vvclih requires the open source library libsndfile.

An installer for Windows can be downloaded from here: http://www.mega-nerd.com/libsndfile/#Download

Instructions for installing libsndfile on OSX can be found here: http://macappstore.org/libsndfile/
When run without parameters, vvclih will output the following help message. The first line shows an example of simultaneously encoding a file from A to B format, then decoding it to XY along with a 5 degree rotate.
VVCLI -- command line interface to VVAudio UGens

usage: vvcli -in-file xyz.wav -out-file fooXY.wav -encode-path calibrations -encode-pgm 2003 -rotate 5 -decode-pgm XY

  -help - list command line options
  -in-file   - input file. enclose multiple input files in quotes
  -in-fmt         - input format: FuMa, AmbiX
  -out-file  - output file. full name for single file or name stem for file sets
  -out-fmt        - output format: FuMa, AmbiX
  -realtime-out - play to default output device
  -encode-path   - path to directory where calibrations files are
  -encode-pgm  - encode program like '2003'
  -micarray-pgm  - mic array program like '2003'
  -rotate  - amount of counterclockwise rotation
  -tilt    - amount of counterclockwise tilt
  -tumble  - amount of upward tumble
  -flip-X - flip front to back
  -flip-Y - flip left to right
  -flip-Z - flip top to bottom
  -spin-rate  - rate of rotation per block
  -decode-pgm  - linear decode program to use like 'XY' or 'Cube'
  -master-gain  - final output gain in dB like -3 or 2.3
  -tail  - adds given number of samples to the end of the output
  -frontal-emphasis  - from 0.0 to 1.0, makes overall response more directional
  -multi-angle  - output multiple files, rotated by the given angle, '90' will create 4 files

Available encode programs:
Encode path: 
  PGM1 : zb109

Available higher order encode programs:
Encode path: 
  PGM1 : OM-0205-900
  PGM2 : OM-0205-500
  PGM3 : OM-0205-1k5

Available linear decode programs:
  PGM1 : XY
  PGM2 : ORTF-ish
  PGM3 : 180-cards
  PGM4 : Blumlein
  PGM5 : 5.1 SMPTE
  PGM6 : 5.1 film
  PGM7 : Square
  PGM8 : Hexagon
  PGM9 : Octagon
  PGM10 : Cube
  PGM11 : Rectangle

Available HOA decode programs:
  PGM1 : O1 - XY
  PGM2 : O2 - XY
  PGM3 : O3 - XY
  PGM4 : O1 - ORTF-ish
  PGM5 : O1 - Blumlein
  PGM6 : O2 - Blumlein2
  PGM7 : O2 - 5.1 SMPTE
  PGM8 : O2 - 5.1 film
  PGM9 : O2 - Square
  PGM10 : O2 - Hexagon
  PGM11 : O2 - Octagon
  PGM12 : O2 - Cube
  PGM13 : O2 - Rectangle

vvclih runs on both Windows and OSX. It is not available separately, but can only be purchased as a part of the bundle VVHOA.